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Our company

Soling Instalaciones S.L. is a brand new company dedicated to Electrical Installations in the Marine business. Company heritage in marine electrical business dates back since 1950.

Formed by an experienced staff with more than 30 years of accumulated experience in projects related to offshore, naval and navy industry. This allows us to give a differential value in the services and products developed.

Our human team has a strong technical background, having designed, assembled, installed and commissioned electrical projects for the main shipyards on Spain and for international ship-owners all around the world.

Soling Instalaciones s.l.  main goal is to design, assembly, install and commission in permanent collaboration with the shipyard or ship-owner, in order to achieve the best standards and the highest quality.

Historic Background

Here we have displayed as a resume our company’s origins, evolution, and changes since founded in 1950.

Trough all those years, we have been able to accumulate and preserve the expertise and know-how that makes our company what it is today.

All our customers and proyects take advantage and benefits from this long journey on offshore and naval industry.

1950. Foundation. ISOLUX NAVAL

2004. Merging. ISOLUX CORSAN

2017. Property change and new name. SOIL INSTALACIONES

2019. New company name. SOLING INSTALACIONES


Nowadays, the company facilities are located in Calle Paz Pardo 37, Vigo, Northwest Spain.

Our area dedicated to office rooms ocuppies two floors, with a total surface of 600 m2, housing Technical Office department, meeting rooms and Management.

Production area, including our workshop and warehouse, is located in a 700 m2 space.