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Soling Instalaciones SL company management’s takes responsability and is commited on stablishing and developing an Integrated Management System, covering the activity of engineering, design and installation for electrical and automation naval and industry installations, according to international standards on quality assurance, environmental protection and occupational health and safety, undertaking the following commitments:

Fulfill needs and expectations from our customers and other interested parties, through exhaustive work and considering their full satisfaction as our main goal.

Planning actions in order to overcome potential hazards and opportunities, that may come at any step of the installation or service performance.

Securing compliance of envrironmental, occupational health and safety legislation applicable to this company’s activities, as well as any other requirements voluntarily agreed.

Reducing impact of our operations on environment, with actions such as selected waste collection, enhancing saving measures, rational consumption of resources, and more, focusing on preventing pollution.

Guarantee staff competency, risisng capacity and performance on activity tasks, in order to fulfill our customers and staff satisfaction, by developing planification and constant evaluation of their performance.

Communicate and train staff, make them aware of the importance of their collaboration and responsability on preserving environment on their scope of work, as well as the adoption of health and safe measures, so they can be commited with the objectives promoted by this Policy.

Encourage preventative culture and develop preventive plans oriented to occupational health and safety continuous improvement. Any unsafe task that may risk staff safety won’t be performed.

Promote a respect, responsability and safe behaviour based work atmosphere, from staff, outsourcing companies and interested parties, considering occupational health and safety key conditions for employment.

Determine proper communication, information and participation processes, heading to satisfaction of individual and group work through a permanent definition of objectives and results. Determine, review and update sistematically and periodically compliance of stablished policy, as well as related objectives and goals.

This Policy and commitments included, has the main proposal to act as a conceptual reference, where any Soling Instalaciones activities will be developed. This Policy and commitments should be known and undertaken by all staff and interested parties, with the aim of achieving an excellent dissemination and comprehension of this information.

D. Jorge Alberto Ramos Luis
16 de noviembre de 2022


Organic Law 3/2007, of March 22, for the effective Equality of women and men recognize that equality is a universal legal principle, on human rights, obligation to promote working conditions that avoid situations of harassment, arbitrating procedures for their prevention and giving way to the Complaints. Commitment to collaboration, so that tolerance is zero to any type of harassment, sexual and gender-based.

Soling Instalaciones SL has developed and stablished the following policy and protocols: